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Eureka Morrison – EFT Practitioner, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Do you want to improve your physical and emotional health?
  • Do you need a helping hand to discover and live your life’s purpose?

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Working with and teaching you EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) negative emotional footprints and thought patterns are cleared, enabling a dance of inner joy and positive intent.  EFT is a tool for life; for young and adult alike! 

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 Fibromyalgia-tender-pointsFibromyalgia – The ‘mystery’ dis-ease

10Week-Program-by Eureka-Morrison-Calming-and-Clearing-Chronic-Pain

Click on image for a preview of the 10 Week Program – Calming and Clearing Chronic Pain – using EFT and Chakra Re-balancing, written by Eureka Morrison

How does EFT Work?

What do you want?

  • Get a good night’s sleep?
  • Stop Smoking?
  • Better Health?
  • Loving Relationships?
  • Write that book?
  • Improved Job enivironment?
  • Improved Academic or Sport Results?
  • Resolve weight loss/gain issues?
  • Stop procrastinating?
  • Letting go of the past?
  • Embrace change?

We are all emotional icebergs!

The tip above the water is the mask we show the world – and the hidden mass beneath the water is our subconcious – the ‘real’ me.  But this ‘real’ me is a congealed mass of old beliefs, old fears, old traumas, that can and do collide with our life’s journey – crippling our ship – and without understanding why – we are constantly sinking – our last thought as we are drowning is, ‘WHY?’.  EFT dismantles what lies beneath – allowing us to accept ourselves, to be the shining humans (and animals) we are meant to be.


Once you’ve learnt the basic tapping routine – you can tap on clearing some general feelings, e.g.

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Physical Pain
  • Hope
  • Forgiveness
  • Fear & Worry
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Being Unemployed
  • Vibrant Health
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Allowing & Receiving
  • Belonging
  • Accepting


Below is an example of  “do-it-yourself”

EFT Tapping

Clearing Guilt and Shame

    Disease is very often only a “symptom” of deep, underlying unresolved emotional issues.  A skilled practitioner will work with you – getting to the core of your emotional trauma ‘memories’.  Using a combination of tapping and verbalisation blocked energy now flows freely.

The client is not required to ‘relive’ the emotional trauma!

Each layer of trauma is exposed and healed. Often the healing of one trauma results in a domino affect – healing a great deal more!  Astounding physical health improvements is possible!

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Do you need help clearing COMPLEX ISSUES ?

As a certified EFT practitioner I can assist you in clearing the deep energy footprint of past trauma

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EFT possibilities

I work with the energy structure that underlies the emotions that may create physical and emotional dis-ease in both humans and animals

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