Completed Level II EFT and also a student of EFT founder – Gary Craig’s Official EFT™ Tutorial with the intention to complete the EFT Master Program.

The purpose of this site

To provide Information, Hope and Assisted Self-Healing of disrupted energy lines.  Welcome to all who seek to heal their lives.

Though my prime focus is on Meridian Tapping (EFT-emotional freedom technique) – I integrate other healing modalities into sessions as needs be. These could be:

  • Humans: Teaching clients how to balance their chakras
  • Animals: chakra energy balancing & scanning of issues
  • Guided Counseling

Sacred Art

I express my very deep empathy and love for our furry friends with photoshopped prayer pictures – - either because I feel the need or on client request.

As Dr Bernie Siegel says,

“When creating a thing of beauty healing is happening.”

Duchess woof - Very ill

Duchess woof – very ill  -

Eureka Morrison - Healing Counsel

Eureka Morrison – Kirlian Photography during healing counseling session

With many years of exposure to the teaching/training profession, both at University of Fort Hare and as an Application Software trainer I offer training with an eye to the practical application of new skills.   I was blessed to work with a Barbara Brennan Healing Graduate – during the years of my recovery from ME and Fibromyalgia.  I now step lightly in the world of quantum physics by practicing remote healing and proxy EFT tapping.   This is especially useful when dealing with clients (both human and animal) who live too far away, or too ill to travel.  The world of quantum physics is a radical paradigm shift in the healing arts.   My vision for the future would be the day when we are no longer mostly dependent on invasive surgery and toxic drugs, or the medical experiments on animals that underpin so much of the ‘progress’ of orthodox medical advances.


  • Build awareness in the orthodox medical community:- adding EFT as a complementary therapy
  • Inform the public of alternative healing programs. I am pleased to announce some success here!
  • To offer a really inexpensive EFT course to those suffering from chronic pain.  My 10 week program for chronic pain relief consists of one TWO hour session per week.  To keep the fees within reasonable limits it is envisaged that FOUR clients share each session.  This of course does not preclude a client from attending on a one-to-one basis – however the client’s financial investment would rise exponentially.  There is a large amount of personal process work to be done by the clients.  The group sessions will be prep work and working through a few issues – on a one-to-one basis – enabling the client to continue working in her/his own time until the next session.  This is not a 1 minute miracle – this requires financial investment from the client – and a strong commitment to regain their health, in fact to regain their desire to live!  Daily work of EFT and Chakra balancing will strengthen this intent.
  • Roll out EFT throughout the South African Schools.
  • Inform psychologist of this revolutionary therapy.
  • Raise awareness of founder Gary Craig’s ‘Official EFT Tutorial’ program.
  • Raise awareness of ACEP’s professional training – (Advanced EFT).

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Thank you for visiting.  I hope you find the information provided on this

website of help in your healing journey.

This website is not designed by a professional Web Developer.  This is a job done by me.  And I’m proud of it.   I am aligning my intent to discover that very special web developer who will understand my thinking and motivation and above all to maintain the spirit of this site.

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