Mandela and EFT birthday for Khayelitsha

July 18, 2012 in EFT

Nelson Mandela 94th Birthday - EFT introduced to Equal Education

 An open letter to our beloved Mandela on his 94th Birthday Today,   18th July, 2012

Dear Sir

Today was momentous – for you, for me and for the schools in Khayelitsha.   You know why?   Today I introduced EFT into the South African educational system – starting with Khayelitsha – one of the most impvoerished and over crowded townships in the Western Cape – 132 public schools and thousands of youngsters will soon be tapping away!.

I met with and presented an EFT for Schools workshop to Lunathi Mahobe, the Librarian of Equal Education.  The Equal Education offices hummed with activity.  Donations of books were streaming in.  Some volunteers were cataloguing, others were covering books with plastic, others were simply lugging boxes of books from point A to point B.  And all about was the unmistakable aura of pure joy.  A friendly, comradely place.   And their aim:  one library, one librarian per disadvantaged school.

Lunathi and I prepped our picnic – orange juice and cup cakes.  On this special day who would even care about a calorie count?  Snuggling down in the back area – surrounded by more books – we slowly stepped through…‘What is EFT?  and  Why does EFT work?’   Lunathi had quite an intense pain in the back of her neck.   We used this issue for our first round of practise tapping.  After two rounds, ending with the 9 gamut spot the pain had come down from an intensity of 6 (10 being the most severe) to a 0!   The beautiful smile on Lunathi’s face wrapped around my heart like a warm blanket.  It is not easy to describe the joy one feels when one is able to help someone, and not just for that moment, but to leave them with a tool of self-help they can use again, and again, on their own.  And of course another cup cake disappeared.  EFT is hungry work…..

Next we tackled the various scenarios in school where EFT can be useful.  And we had fun playing pretend…. Inventing a situation for each scenario we tapped on it!  Today I was so many people, but my best memory is my pretending to be a little boy who had fallen in the playground and scraped his knee.  Really took me back to my own childhood – wishing that EFT had been known and taught at my school.

One topic of discussion were the pervasive violence and fear throughout South Africa, especially in the black townships.   This brought Lunathi to tears.   So we tapped on this a bit, and I could see the tension bleed out of her.   We embraced – sisters in this divided and strife torn country.

I left Lunathi two sets of workshop hand outs and a home cut DVD with examples of tapping for kids and of course the cute video of Linda Wood tapping with Magic Bear - all a guide for her when she approaches the school librarians.  She has very good relationships with the librarians, so that is where we’ll start, then moving to the remedial  teachers followed by all the other teachers.  Next up is meeting with the school principals – it is imperative to have them backing the EFT projects – but after one round of tapping I’m sure we’ll be on a home run.  The power of EFT is simply awesome.

As I left Equal Education, a tall man (Lunathi’s boss I think) wished me well – he had been in and out of the book storeroom where we were enjoying our EFT picnic.   When some people smile the world lights up.  Well, he gave me just such a smile…. At the door Lunathi embraced me.

I drove home – singing.   There is hope Mr Mandela, there is hope.  Perhaps we can tap our way to peace.  Who knows how many kids and teachers will be tapping away on your 95th birthday?

With respect, love and honour

Eureka Morrison  (elm)


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