Get Zille in to fix education

September 24, 2012 in Education

Helen Zille - Premier Western Cape South Africa and Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party

Helen Zille – Premier Western Cape South Africa and Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party

Khaya Dlanga - Prolific Blogger South Africa - a great guy with a lot of sense

Khaya Dlanga – Prolific Blogger South Africa – a great guy with a lot of sense











This article appeared in the Cape Times, Monday, September 24, 2012: In my arrogant opinion by Khaya Dlanga

Get Zille in to fix education

Two things made me laugh uncontrollably this past week. I found them so amusing that I didn’t want to be in hysterics by myself, so I shared with my virtual friends on Twitter: They were equally amused.

As I recall, a few months ago the country was under attack from a foreign entity – snow. Of course, we all went bat crazy because many of us were seeing it for the very first time. Every other status update on Twitter or Facebook was about the snow or how cold it was.

On one of those very cold, dreary, yet memorable SA days, an event happened on Facebook. Someone was irritated by all the status updates about the snow, and this is what she wrote. (She will know who she is if she ever decides to read this publication. Which is pretty unlikely, if you ask me. Don’t worry – you will know why I say so after you have read through this column.) I have decided against sharing the relevant person’s names to protect the innocent.

I quote: “Why is pipol when snow is snow is all talk about why is not talk about somating differense, likes songs movies likes footballs everything. Snow is started to bore me iyoooooo #robaling.”

This ladies and gentlemen, is a fine example of the outcomes of the SA education system.

The shocking thing is that the girl is past high school level. If she passed her grades, then it is shocking. Yet there are many who say we should not be shocked to realise the state of education in this country. And they are right. We have illiterate matriculants out there.

Another person wrote as their Facebook status update the following: “comer is a bitch!” Then someone responded by saying: “It’s ‘Karma’.” Then the person who originally wrote the status update innocently asked this question: “Karma, ke mang?” For those of you who don’t understand what that meant, the question was: “Who is Karma?”

Like I said before, I laughed. Clearly, the quality of the education we are giving these kids is of a laughable standard – if it is even worthy of being called a standard. And that is no laughing matter. The Education Department continues to cripple our children. It is not just the children that are left handicapped, but also the future.

And there is nothing to laugh about when it comes down to it. So when I read in the paper that more than 11 000 Eastern Cape teachers are in danger of losing their jobs because of a financial shortfall, I couldn’t help but lament the future of education in this country.

Yet we still have an opportunity to fix it. Not all is lost.

The future is too precious and too delicate for us to jeopardise it. And do you know who would be a great candidate to fix our Education Department? Helen Zille.

She did a great job with education in the Western Cape when she was an MEC. If our politicians were to decide not to politicise the future of our country, they would have to look no further than her.

Besides, I asked Helen Zille the question a few weeks ago and she said there is nothing she would love more than to be the national minister of education.

Maybe they should just give her the portfolio. If she can’t fix it, they can blame her anyway because she is a member of the opposition. And if she fixes it, they can take the credit for it by saying that it is their policies, and not her drive, that did the job.

That would be a victory for the future.

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