The Plant Between Heaven and Earth

May 25, 2012 in Plant Kingdom

Garden Diva

There is so much beauty not ‘visible’ to the naked eye, and because we don’t see it, we don’t believe it exists.  I invite you to join me in this dance of joy and beauty and like Alice in Wonderland you will see the hitherto hidden magic of the plant kingdom.

Every living thing vibrates with a melody, a divine melody that gives it life.  And one of the expressions of this melody is the energy field: exquisite colours unique to the living entity.  Subject to the emotional and physical well-being of the living entity these colours are not static and change by the nano-second;.  Even a rock has an energy field!  Each colour has its own frequency – and what we see can be verified using scientific monitoring instruments.

The energy field of plants – as well as humans and objects-  can also be viewed using the Kirlian Photographic Method – pictures of a ‘Kirlian’ photographed leaf – before damage to the leaf and after damage to the leaf can be seen here.

You cannot see this energy field by looking straight at an object.  You have to use your peripheral vision

An exercise to see energy fields of plants

  • Begin by lying down on the lawn – in your garden or a public park where lying down is permitted….
  • Look at a tree not too far away from you.  Find the edges of the tree’s outline.  Now gaze at the space just above this ‘outline’.  Relax your eyes, mentally calm and peaceful.  There is no hurry!  After a while you will see a faint haziness in the space above the outline of the tree.  As you continue to gaze at this space the haziness will become a beautiful shimmer – this is because your own vibration level is synchronising with the plant.  As you practise this each day it will become easier – and you will eventually see this energy field within a few seconds.  Once your eye is accustomed to ‘tune’ to energy fields the shimmering field around plants will display a multitude of colours, with strong colours at the new growth points – flaring outwards.

Orgone Energy

What is feeding this energy field?  Orgone energy.  And yes, you can see this energy too.  Gaze at the sky above the tree for a while and you will see ‘dancing’ spots of light literally raining down towards earth.  Follow these dancing lights down to the tree’s energy field and note how they disappear when they touch the trees’ energy field.  The  orgone energy droplets are absorbed by the energy field of the tree – this is  nourishment from ‘heaven’.  And yes, humans absorb this self-same orgone energy – you can train yourself to literally suck this energy into your body – especially beneficial for those with osteo-arthritis.  A constant practise of pulling in this energy has proven to increase the bone density – it is one of the advanced practises of Tai Chi Qigong.

The German inventor, Wilhelm Reich created a mechanical ‘Orgone Accumulator’ .  Reich could not get FDA approval for his invention, and was jailed two years after the court case.  On November 3, 1957, Wilhelm Reich died in his jail cell of a heart failure. In his last will and testament Wilhelm Reich ordered that his works be sealed for fifty years, in hopes that the world would someday be a place better to accept his wondrous machines.

Chat with your plants and observe how their energy fields change.  Plants love classical music!

Plant Divas

Many years ago  I had been practising becoming ONE with a rose bud – using an Edward Casey technique.  Oh yes, I did experience the beautiful essence of this flower and as I turned back to my house I saw an amazing entity, similar to the picture I painted for this blog post.  It was almost human size and was watching me.  This first-time sacred communication has remained with me always – and now I see them often.  I honour these nature care-takers.  And always amazed at the infinite variety of God’s creation.  There is much debate around the topics of plant and animal kingdom deities: orthodox religion would classify them as ‘not from God’ but from Satan, however some scholars have a different take on what actually went down in ‘The Garden of Eden

Encouragement and Feedback

Please don’t give up if you don’t see any energy fields on day one:  It can take days or weeks.  But I promise you, once you have experienced this you will forever more look at nature with childlike wonder.  Good luck and have fun.  And if you like please pop back in a few days and share your experience with us.

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  1. Aero said on June 5, 2010

    The Earth does have a pulse that can be heard. I hear it when she feels recovery and rebirth as well we when she is injured. It is all vibrating energy, everything.

  2. Dear Eureka,thank you for contacting me,i will fwd your site to family and freinds,hopefully they will pass it on,what you have done here,i'm sure will be very inspiring for many people,i notice you have daily clicks too,well done!
    I checked out your recent art work,i like the face in it,giving it more meaning and energy.
    Love & hugs to you!!

  3. Bravo, wonderful, dear EUREKA,
    Thank you, blessings, dear friendxxx

  4. Bravo Eureka.
    It will take me time to go through and enjoy the fullness of this brilliant site.
    I have asked Amelia, our website specialist, to put a link on our site to your site, if that is good with you.
    What a wonderful thing you are doing.
    Warm wishes,
    Louise van der Merwe
    SA Representative: Compassion in World Farming
    Editor: Animal Voice
    Managing Trustee: The Humane Education Trust
    CEO: Humane Education Suppliers
    Tel: 021 852 8160
    Fax: 021 413 1297

  5. My dearest Eureka,

    Thank you for including me in this – I really do appreciate it and I will forward it to my friends.

  6. Raja said on May 23, 2010

    Good Morning and Thank You Eureka
    I appreciate your efforts in working for peace tranquility in life for all
    and for voiceless creatures of the world.

    This planet requires many people like you to maintain the equilibrium and peacefor all.

    My support, blessings and Love for you is always there.

    Have a pleasant and Blessed Day.

    Love and Hugs

    PS :: Here is something specially for you:

    A tree – can be visualised as the manifestation of GOD the Creator – the supreme entity – that people of different religions describe and visualize -.

    A tree grows from a small seed taking nutrients from the Earth and energy from the Sun.

    But it does not ever take any thing from other creatures or life on this planet.

    The roots can be considered as the inviasible providers of the huge tree. the Trunks and branches af the tree are the givers
    Tree provides shade, fruits, leaves, timber, for the benefit of all otgher creatures on this planet. all are welcome on the tree.
    All can make an abode – including Human beings – the leaves of the tree are very essential for life on earth as they give out Oxygen.. The water afficity of the trees are one of the main reasons for raifall at any place. If there are no trees the reain bearing clouds will not precipitate over the place.

    The top of the tree represents the philosophy of life itself – There has to be an end to everything. The tree cannot continue to grow taller and bigger for ever. It reaches a certain height and gitrth and remains ar that stage till disturbed by external factors and human action This is the essence of life on earth.

    So I worship tree as the manifestation God's Attributes – namely – Creation – Protection and Termination.

    Onqe need not go looking for God in the High Mountains or in the Deep Sea

  7. glad you're doing what you love. as a big, fat atheist, it's not my thing, but i'll definitely share it with my spiritual friends. and i'll try to check in as often as possible to lend support. catherine

  8. Dearest Eureka, my life is so much richer by having you as a friend. I am blessed indeed. I know you and have always believed in you. This is wonderful to walk this journey, calling, with you and I will share it with many others. It really humbles and makes one think, apart from the fact that you are an excellent writer, a VERY talented lady!

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful peace of writing Elm! I found it absolutely absorbing from beginning to end. Thanks a lot!!

  10. wonderful Elm,thank you

  11. Interesting info! And you are a good writer.

  12. Beautiful site Elm! Your blog entries have made for great reading – well presented and informative. Bless you and may those in need of guidance find their way to you.