The Ringing Radiance

May 26, 2012 in Healing the Human Spirit

Divine Entity - painting by Elm

What is this ‘Ringing Radiance‘? To understand we have to look at the concept of ‘Original Sin’. There are many different views on this subject. Let us look at a few of them.

The Traditional Concept of ‘Original Sin

The Orthodox Western religious concept of ‘Original Sin

Orthodox western religions teach that we are born with ‘original sin’. If one applies logic to the consequences of this statement it would mean we are guilty from birth: That we are in effect offenders before we have taken our second breath in this life. And that our only ‘redemption’ is to accept the doctrine of Christianity. If we don’t accept this doctrine we are doomed to eternal hell according to Protestants. The Catholics offer a ray of hope with their transit house of ‘purgatory’ – though purgatory is by no means guaranteed.

We can only find surcease from our troubles by accepting the Christian God into our lives, i.e. be ‘re-born’. When good things happen, when life is smooth and easy God is praised. When trials and tribulations engulf us we are told to pray, to ask for forgiveness for our sins (known and unknown, i.e. original sin), to ask God to keep Satan from our doors. When a perfectly good human being, adult or child, dies from an incurable disease we are told it is the ‘Will of God’. This is very similar to the Muslim dictum of ‘It is the will of Allah’. If it is God’s/Allah’s will, then it cannot be our will too, or can it? And this leaves us with yet another question: Which God would will this suffering upon a human? Is it the jealous and vengeful God of the Old Testament, or could it possibly be the Christian God of the New Testament? If the latter, does this not go against all the teaching of a ‘loving’ New Testament God?

Questions we should ask ourselves: Does all ‘original sin’ have the same quality of offensiveness? Or are we born with a predisposition to commit certain types of sin? Does our genetic structure pre-dispose us to certain types of behaviour? Another important question to ask is this: Since Christ did not found Christianity (his followers did so), why are the Christian faiths so silent on Christ’ oft repeated statement ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’?

The New Age view of ‘Original Sin

Depending whether one believes in reincarnation or not there appear to be two views:

One view being that we are pure when we are born, but that we have forgotten our Divine origin and that ‘divinity’ is bred out of us at birth: That we must work towards God realisation in this life. The other view seems to be that we are but experiencing yet another human incarnation, in the never-ending quest for God realisation, and that if we fail in this life, we have umpteen chances in our next human life.

New Age doctrine seeks to cloak human suffering in a sheath of ‘double-speak’ kindness – but the self-guilt is implicit. One is either not pure enough of intent and therefore attracting the ‘negative’ into one’s life or one is a human saint of pure intent when all goes well and the abundance of health and material goods flows. This doctrine does not explain the suffering of a starving-newborn or a newborn suffering from some incurable and painful disease. Filtering in the belief of repeat human incarnations would somehow ‘justify’ repeat patterns of human self-destructive behaviour

The Far East philosophy view of ‘Original Sin

The view here is that we are lucky to be incarnated into a human form – after millenniums of being incarnated as plants and animals: That we were once ‘pure’ and in our mental frenzy to create we forgot our divine origin – became attached and involved in our creation – and plummeted down into the wheel of many rebirths. That our deeds have consequences: We are rewarded for good deeds and punished for bad deeds – and that this load of debt to be paid increases exponentially with each incarnation. That the incarnations will continue ad infinitum until we find God Realisation within ourselves: That we must use the ‘gift’ of the human form to Realise God within us. If one conjoins this Eastern spin to the Western orthodox belief of ‘original sin’, then the concept of ‘original sin’ seems plausible.

Far East doctrine on human suffering is not much different to the new age spin. They simply add the ‘drop down’ menu of reincarnation into plant and animal form. Therefore if one looks at the suffering of plants, animals and humans it all points back to the original break from the Divine – the increased debt of reaping the benefits or punishment of deeds done in previous incarnations. When human form is totally wasted (i.e. not used for the pursuit of God Realisation) and furthermore used to partake in the flesh of sentient beings the punishment is severe – a backsliding of incarnation into plant and animal form.

Do we have any ‘Free Will’?

Reading the above – one wonders exactly how much ‘free will’ we humans have. If one is born with ‘original sin’ then it is going to be extremely hard going to disentangle oneself from this pre-disposition to sin, and one could probably only do it with guidance and constant input from someone who has conquered this pre-disposition to sin. It leaves all children at a great disadvantage – as most adult humans are not members of this sinless aristocracy. And if one examines the doctrine of the New Age where the cliché ‘We are co-creators’ of our lives mean we are ‘imperfect’ when things go wrong, i.e. poor intent, poor self-esteem etc, we are left holding a bag of unending guilt for being imperfect, not quite up to snuff so to speak. And if one examines the Far East Doctrine of having spent millennia in other human forms – each life with its ups and downs, its good deeds and bad deeds, then surely there is a very good chance that we will carry some of the ‘memories’ of these lives with us into our current life. These may not be conscious memories, but at a subconscious level their influence upon us in this human incarnation could be stupendous.

All of the above traditional doctrines of ‘original sin’ leaves one feeling a helpless and imperfect pawn – to be blown upon the winds of a non-loving God – we are all at a great disadvantage – damned with ‘original sin’, forced to follow a certain belief system, be it orthodox religion, New Age or philosophical practises that originated in the Far East. And each of these belief systems claim theirs is the only path to God and salvation.

A New Definition of ‘Original Sin

Could this damning concept of ‘original sin’ not be something entirely different? I believe it could be. Could it not be the same as the concept of ‘sinning against the holy spirit’? I believe it could be.

Imagine a scenario at the beginning of creation. A creator complete – but alone – no other God entity to converse with. Because any other creation would be the creator still – it would be like talking to oneself – and though this may be enjoyable initially it would eventually lose its allure. How could the creator overcome this hurdle: To create and simultaneously give the creation ‘Free Will’? Think of a drop-down menu on a website. The main page tab is the original creation – the drop down menus would be the Main Page tab now on a frenzy of its own creation. Just browse the web – and see how long it takes before you become ‘lost’ in the multitude of hyperlinks within your searched for item. Would this creation remain in God’s orbit forever, or would it spiral away in forgetfulness of Source? I believe this is what happened. ‘Original sin’ and ‘sin against the holy spirit’ is one and the same. It is simply ‘Forgetting from whence we came’ and a Forgetting that we ARE God.

This sheds new light on what is meant by the term born with ‘original sin’. It means we are literally sleep-walking. We are still in a frenzy of our own creation. We run after religious doctrine based upon books, we run after material objects, we run after power on earth. None of which can benefit us in any way in our quest for finding our way back to Source.

The mystic practises of Judaic Kabbalah, Muslin Sufism, Christian Cabala and many of the Far Eastern philosophies all have one thing in common: They do not seek God in books and buildings, nor in outward pious behaviour and pious discourse. They seek God within themselves. God can be heard with the’ inner ears’ and seen within.

The creation is created and sustained by God’s breath: And this breath permeates all of creation. And we can hear it! This ‘Melody Within’ – is known variously as: Logos, Audible Life Stream, Inner Sound, Sound Current, Word and Shabd. There is much writing in ancient texts and by one of the greatest Mathematicians of all time, about the ‘Divine Melody’ that vibrates in all creation.

This is what wiki has to say about the ‘Divine Melody

This ‘essence’ of God is available to all human beings

The following teachings clearly show knowledge of ‘The Melody Within’

Adherents believe that a Satguru, or Eck Master, who is a human being, has merged with the Shabd in such a manner that he or she is a living manifestation of it at its highest level (the “Word made flesh”). However, not only can the Satguru attain this, but all human beings are inherently privileged in this way. Indeed, in Sant Mat the raison d’être for the human form is to meditate on the Sound Current, and in so doing merge with it until one’s own divinity is ultimately realized.


If one accepts the premise that we cannot exist without this ‘Melody Within’, and that this ‘Melody Within’ is from God, is God, then we are all joined in creation. We are ONE. We are physically different, but spiritually we are the same. Why then the relentless condemnation of our fellow man who ‘believes’ and looks different than us? Why then the relentless religious wars and terrorism in the name of God? Why then the horrific slaughter and torture of animals to satisfy our need for meat and eggs on our plates, sports in our arenas, demonic cultural festivals and exhibitions and fur and leather on our backs and feet?

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  1. Hey where are you? I am getting concerned. I hope you are just too busy to email.


  2. Dearest Eureka, I am so proud of how you serve, so proud to be your friend and be part of how everything is developing; this new journey. I just want to share you and what you do with everybody I know and who needs help. I pray for you for guidance. Love, Retha

  3. Aero said on June 5, 2010

    We are all One. There is a Yiddish saying, "We are all made of the same dough, but are baked in different ovens." It rings true. We are all connected by energy that can never die; it can only change form. Let's keep the connection strong! Great writing my friend!

  4. Hi Eureka, am a friend of Retha Groenewald and she said I could contact you for Human Healing too! Injured my back 1/10/07. My pilates ball popped and I fractured my sacrum and injured L5/S1 disc. Rest and rehab saw good response and back to normal. Started symptoms down left leg and now right about a month ago. Was unable to take off work as my partner was in JHB and very busy at the practice.(Am a GP and Homeopath) I use a reiki master Deane wQithers and Kinesthiologist Robyn Lotz. Robyn sent me a text today that she is picking up I will need theop which is what my chiro fears. I would really appreciate your opinion and help as I really don't want the op. I do have to go to work on friday as there is no one to do my Cancer patients vit C drips. I will stand and try not to stay there too long! (Not easy as staff squeeze extras in if they know am there!)My life lesson is learning to say no and am working on getting there! Hope this is enough info. Retha says u charge fees out via Easy Pay? I could find no fee structure on your site Regards Helen

  5. Much food for thought in this post. There is so much we don't know! We should obviously search for more information on doctrines we've accepted for centuries. I love the idea of heavenly music within ourselves – and that this music is not just for the chosen few…. Thank you for a very informative post. I look forward to reading the next post.