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Passion comes from having a stake, having a long-term commitment

May 26, 2012 in Healing the Human Spirit

It is with great joy I realise I will not live forever.

Life sometimes have to show us the ‘exit’ door clearly – a wake-up call from Source – before we realise our lives have very little meaning.  We work at jobs we loathe, we think ourselves inadequate.  Test this theory now.

What is your passion?  What are your interests?  Imagine yourself living your interests right now and being paid for it.  This is your ‘heart’ talking.

Now think about whether this is possible or not.  What will it take to turn this passionate dream of yours into reality?   This is your intellect talking – your ‘third database or chakra’

Ah, I hear you saying:

-  I don’t know enough.

-  Who am I to think I can actually do it?

-  Who will use my services?

-  I can’t stop my job to do this – it will take too long before I can make money

-  People will laugh at me – life is not for dreamers!

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