EFT (Meridian) Tapping for children and young people

Power to the people ..  err the younger generation!

“Tapping for Kids” puts the extraordinary power of EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) firmly into the hands of children and young people as A TOOL FOR LIFE to help them overcome their fears, worries, and everyday traumas as well as build their self esteem.”


Energy Psychology

 “Using the remarkable ability of energy psychology to effect rapid and profound change, together we often achieve a dramatic reduction of symptoms.”

Dr Patricia Carrington, Psychologist, PH.D


Words Hurt !

Words Hurt

EFT puts the smile back

 “Tapping for Kids” is a delightful and practical method for parents, teachers and children to enjoy together and to use to make fear, sadness, anger, confusion and low self esteem a thing of the past.”

Angie Muccillo, BA Sociology & Psychology


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 Bringing joy and confidence to learning

Dyslexia – Reading Skils

“Teach kids that words have parts, and instruct them fully in the sounds and sound combinations together with how to combine these, and NO MORE DYSLEXIA. I have proved this hundreds of times with kids designated un-teachable

However, the task is always harder with older kids because they have such negative emotions associated with reading. Here is where EFT can help in a big way. EFT, combined with appropriate instruction in the rules of our language system – there’s the correct combination!

Here is where I think EFT will excel in education – by removing the emotional impediments to learning. There are stacks and stacks of kids out there whose emotional states are getting in the way of their learning – I know, I spent 5 years working with the most disturbed of them when working within the education system. What a boon EFT would have been then.”

Steve Wells, Psychologist

The TapMeister (teacher) teaches that the trick to feeling happy and calm is to tap anytime you feel hurt, lonely, sad or angry.

At the Palace of Possibilities you will learn that by tapping Magic Happy Buttons on your body using the Magic Wands at your fingertips, all the upset inside just vanishes and you can get on with playing, having fun, and feeling happy, peaceful and calm again.  Just what being a kid is all about, yes?

Palace Rap-a-tap tapping
With my fingers,
Rap-a-tap tapping
On my face,
Rap-a-tap tapping
Is energizing!
And helps me find
My happy place

Rap-a-tap tapping
With my fingers,
Rap-a-tap tapping
On my face,
Rap-a-tap tapping
Calms me down
And helps me find
My peaceful space!
wizard with wand