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Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment[1] In medicine, the term electrotherapy can apply to a variety of treatments, including the use of electrical devices such as deep brain stimulators for neurological disease. The term has also been applied specifically to the use of electric current to speed wound healing. Additionally, the term “electrotherapy” or “electromagnetic therapy” has also been applied to a range of alternative medical devices and treatments.

Electrotherapy as developed and refined by Dr Norman Shealy. 

It is my personal opinion that every medical practitioner (orthodox or alternative) should have this device in their medical rooms.  For Dr Shealy’s credentials, patents etc please visit Dr Shealy’s Website

THE SHEALY PainPro TENS        (copied verbatim from his website)

In the 1960’s I discovered the benefit of electrical stimulation for reducing pain. I started with an antique device, the Electreat, developed in 1919 by a naturopath. From the beginning I wanted a modern solid state device and eventually this led to the development of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, TENS.  I was consulting with Medtronics on the ongoing development of Dorsal Column Stimulation, an implanted “pacemaker” over the spinal cord.  From the beginning I told them that there would be thousands of patients for a TENS for every one who was a candidate for the DCS.  They were not interested. Eventually the research engineer left Medtronics and set up Stimulation Technology. Shortly after that the new research engineer, at my urging, developed Medtronic’s first TENS, the Neuromod ™.  Incidentally I was told by the company that my two ideas were not patentable.  Interestingly they got them patented!

 After a few years, StimTech, needing money to expand, allowed themselves to be acquired by Johnson & Johnson.  Three years later J & J had ruined StimTech. Internal documents revealed that they acquired StimTech in order to destroy it, because it competed with the worst non-narcotic ever produced, Tylenol®.  In Federal court J & J was found guilty and because of FRAUD, the jury awarded the founders of StimTech triple damages!  Of course what’s a few hundred million to J & J! They failed in destroying TENS.  Soon cheap and not so good TENS units were being produced all over the world.

 From the beginning, I felt that even the best of the modern TENS units lacked a certain feel and spread that came from the Electreat. In the early 90’s I was invited to visit Kiev to study Microwave Resonance Therapy. In 1982 they had discovered Microware Resonance Therapy.  They said that human DNA resonated at 54 to 78 GHz.  They had treated 250,000 patients with 54 to 78 GHz frequencies at one billionth of a watt per centimeter square, using a 1 mm probe.  Physicians and physicists said they could cure almost all diseases==rheumatoid arthritis, alcoholism, peptic ulcers, aseptic necrosis of the hip, narcotic addiction, etc. They wanted me to bring home 14 devices at $50,000 each! Not having $750,000 to play with devices unproven and not approved in the U.S., I turned to the old Electreat and learned that it produced exactly the frequency and amplitude of GHz as MRT! I also learned that Americans do not like Microwave therapy—so Saul Liss and I created the word GigaTENS. Saul was the creator originally of The Pain Suppressor™, which I discovered, when used transcranially, markedly raised serotonin and relieves depression,  Saul went on to create the Liss Cranial Electrical stimulator™, which is the leading device in the world for relieving depression, helping sleep and reducing jet lag.

 Over the next 5 years, with the help of Saul Liss, Bill Tiller and his son, and Clarence Posing, a local electronics genius, we developed the first modern TENS that included all frequencies up to those high GHz ones– a modern solid state Electreat, the Shealy PainPro.  It is allowed by the FDA FOR TREATMENT OF PAIN.

 It is the only known FDA allowed TENS that produces human DNA frequency, 54 to 78 GHz.   These frequencies are at a steady 75 decibels or one billionth of a watt per cm square, This intensity is 1000 times BELOW any known risk factor. Of course it also produces a wide range of frequencies at varying strengths. Since all modern TENS has been allowed in the U.S., if they were similar to one on the market before May, 1976, I was able to get my new device patented and allowed on the market for treatment of pain.

 Shortly after Kiev, I had had the idea to use natural progesterone cream to raise DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone.  And indeed it did, but since many people are very low, even doubling is not optimal for most people. One morning I sat down and asked in meditation “What else can I do to raise DHEA?”  I “knew” that if I would stimulate the acupuncture points that connect the kidneys, gonads, adrenal glands, thyroid and the pituitary through a Window of the Sky point, it would raise DHEA.”  I got out my acupuncture atlas, picked out 12 points that I thought would fit these directions. Lo and behold, stimulation of these 12 points with the Shealy PainPro raised DHEA another 60 to 100%. I called it the Ring of Fire, as it is the fire energy of the adrenal glands.


  • Kidney 3, bilaterally
  • Conception vessels 2, 6 and 18
  • Bladder 22, bilaterally
  • Master of the Heart (Pericardium) 6, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 18, bilaterally

 Testing revealed that stimulation of the Ring of Fire

·        Raised DHEA

·        Markedly improved 70% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, even though they had failed conventional chemotherapy

·        Reduced the frequency and severity of migraine headaches by 75%

·        Brought 70% of depressed patients out of  depression

·        Markedly reduced low back pain

·        Reduced pain in diabetic neuropathy by 80%, while improving sensation and reducing diabetic medication

The Ring of Air

A few months later I discovered the Ring of Air. It is to advance consciousness, for mental creativity, for symbolic thinking, to help tinnitus and hearing, for integration and non-separatism, for Mystical insight.  It will heal rage, autism and Down’s syndrome, when used with the Ring of Earth. A few months later I told my research nurse I wanted to learn the neurochemistry of the ROA. Out of my mouth came “Call the lab and see if they can measure Neurotensin.”  I did not know what Neurotensin is, but, since the lab could do the test, we proceeded with stimulation and achieved up to 600% increases! I then learned that Neurotensin is both Neuroleptic and Anti-nociceptic! Both relieve anxiety and pain!! Many years later I had sudden knowing that the ROA would also increase oxytocin and it does!  It is terrific for depression!  I also learned that it took Rings of Fire and Air to get rid of tinnitus over a three month period.

  • Spleen 1 A, bilaterally
  • Liver 3, bilaterally
  • Stomach 36, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 1, 16 and 20
  • Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
  • Lung 1, bilaterally

The Ring of Water

Over several years I discovered other Rings, The Ring of Water, is to balance emotions, enhance forgiveness, to contact the Christological Heart, to help lower cholesterol, to help reduce obesity, for all edema and congestion.  After finding the points I knew that it would balance aldosterone and demonstrated that it did.  I learned that we needed Rings of Fire and Water to help obesity.

  • Spleen 4, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 8 and 20
  • Conception Vessel 14, bilaterally
  • Bladder 13, bilaterally
  • Heart 7, bilaterally
  • Bladder 10, bilaterally
  • Triple Heater 16, bilaterally

The Ring of Earth

Next came the Ring of Earth which is useful for magnetic contact with earth, overcome phobias, skin disorders, overcome seductions and drug addiction, overcome illusions and possession, to treat cerebral palsy and confusion, ALS, and physical pain.  I also sensed that, for the neurological problems, I would need also to use the Ring of Crystal, and that with seductions, the sexual organs, live and kidneys are at risk!

Eventually I realized that this circuit should increase calcitonin and indeed it does!Calcitonin is the strongest pain reliever the body produces, 40 to 60 times as strong as morphine; and it is essential for maintaining calcium and magnesium in bone,

  • Kidney 1, bilaterally
  • Bladder 60, bilaterally
  • Bladder 54, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 16, bilaterally
  • Stomach 9, bilaterally
  • Small Intestine 17, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

 I have found that individuals who have a daytime temperature of less than 98.6 orally may need to take iodine and stimulate the Ring of Fire to regenerate thyroid function in order to have the ROE work.  It does help reverse osteoporosis. Stimulation is also done with GHz, 3 minutes per pair of electrodes. And it is sometimes the most powerful pain reliever I have found

The Ring of Crystal

Finally, came the Ring of Crystal which regulates the overall energetic system and assists in regeneration.  I later learned that stimulation of the Ring of Crystal with the GigaHz TENS reduces free radicals by 85%, by far better than any other known approach, Free radicals are ultimately the “cause” of all aging, degeneration and death.

  • Spleen 4, bilaterally
  • Gall Bladder 30.5
  • Conception Vessel  8.5, 14.5,  23
  • Governing Vessel 7.5, 14.5, 20
  • Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
  • Gall Bladder 11, bilaterally

I recently sensed that there is another circuit I call the Ring of Life which I believe will lower chronic stress or excess cortisol and “adrenalin.”  This remains to be proven!

 In summary the Rings are a remarkable gift in assisting healing at all levels!