The physical structure of animals – examples used here are dogs and cats

Anatomy of Dog


Chakra (databases) of animals – dog used as an example

Chakra Dog

Anatomy of Cat



Function/ Purpose

Signs of Imbalance

Body Areas Governed


Brachial(primary ‘Major’ chakra – healing should start at this chakra)

between shoulders (on a horse, just below where shoulder meets neck)

links all other Major chakras, centre for animal-human bonding, place to start healing

reluctance to be touched (other than for obvious medical reasons: arthritis, inflamed skin, etc) , reluctance/refusal to ‘connect’

chest, neck, forelimbs, head

Black Tourmaline (if animal is reluctant to connect) , Herkimer Diamond, piece of programmed Clear Quartz (click on link for programming info)


on top of head, between the ears (at the ‘poll’ on a horse)

connects to spirit

depression, withdrawn

brain, pituitary gland, skin, spine, central and autonomic nervous system, cranio-sacral system

Clear Quartz, Azestulite, Tanzanite, Diamond

Third Eye (Brow)

centre of forehead, just above the eyes

acceptance of self

headaches, bad eyes, distant/distracted

head in general, pineal gland, natural body rhythms, higher mental self

Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite Amethyst, Charoite


on physical throat (on long-necked animals, over vocal chords)


uncommunicative or excessively noisy, doesn’t listen to commands (training requests)

throat, mouth, teeth, jaws (albeit often caused from Root-based fear, animals which chew excessively can often benefit from having energy balanced here)

Blue Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz


breast/front of chest to behind forelegs (above brisket to breast on a horse)

herd hierarchy (relationships)

sad (recent emotional grief/ separation/loss?) , overly possessive, unwilling to interact with other animals, jealous, nervous around other animals for no known reason

heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland

Rose Quartz, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Jade

Solar Plexus

middle of the back

personal power/sense of self (often depleted in domesticated animals)

dejected, withdrawn, aggressive, dominating, no enthusiasm

digestive tract, stomach, liver

Citrine, Tiger Eye, Amber, Topaz

Sacral (Spleen)

lower lumber area, between tail and middle of back (rump or middle of croup on a horse)

sexuality, emotion (emotional loss of animal partner, home, offspring, etc, can often be stored here) . Good place to work on when animal in shock whilst waiting for, or en route to vet

over emotional: excessive whining for no obvious reason (exclude medical reasons first ) , boundary issues: i.e. for a dog/horse: difficulty establishing difference between work (training) time and play (off lead/ lead rope) time

kidneys, adrenal glands, reproductive system, lymphatic system

Carnelian, Coral, Orange Calcite


where tail meets body (hindquarters)

survival, grounding, (this chakra can be especially developed in animals lower down the prey system or food chain, i.e. animals preyed upon by others)

excessively fearful/strong flight reaction, greedy, sluggish, underweight, restless

intestines, gut, hips, hind legs, muscular skeletal system as a whole

Hematite, Garnet, Red Jasper, Unakite