Our Internal Database

Imagine you have your own library. Within this library your every emotion, thought and action is recorded. This is your history – accessible to you. Who is recording all this information?

The human body is much more than its physical shape. There are seven ‘data bases’ of information – each governing a specific area – and programmed to never stop taking notes.

Side View of Chakras-labelled

The Material World

  • The first database covers one’s relations to one’s ‘tribal roots’ or ‘family’
  • The second database covers one’s relations on a more intimate basis, i.e. one-on-one
  • The third database covers one’s relation to self on an intellectual level

The Spirit World

  • The fourth database covers one’s relation to self and o tghers on a ‘heart’ i.e. the giving or abssence of love/affection level
  • The fifth database covers one’s Truth. It may be true, but it is not necessary a Truth that stands on its own in all situations
  • The sixth database covers one’s spiritual ‘sight’ ie. the ability to see ‘behind your eyes’
  • The seventh database covers one’s connection to the numinous (Source, God)

Guilt and Self-Hatred

Since childhood we’ve been taught to suppress our emotions and to put others ‘first’. We were also taught that we are born in sin, i.e. we are ‘bad’ by default. So the human is damned from birth – a veritable petri dish of induced guilt. We spend our lives running ourselves and others down. Remember the effect emotions have on the formation of water crystals? As we damn and/or criticise ourselves and others we are causing incalculable harm on an emotional, mental and physical level. All of which results in some form of ‘dis-ease’. We need to know we are not alone, that there is an unbreakable link between us and Source. We need to note our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and constantly ask ourselves if these are loving and positive.

A paradigm shift is required for self-healing; A view and belief that we were not born ‘bad’, that ‘original sin’ is a myth. A Master Craftsman would never induce a flaw into its creation. If we do have a ‘flaw’ it is only that of non-remembrance. We have forgotten our beautiful and loving Source, we have forgotten who we are.

What are we?

We are pure beings of Light having a ‘human’ experience. Remember who you are!