Sacred Art

Where did this start?

Being an active animal rights member of I am faced daily with the evidence of hideous animal abuse. Many of these animals communicate to me their despair and pain. I have found that in using Adobe Photoshop I am able to send comfort and healing to them. I work from photographs and add background as I ‘see’ it with my soul’s eye. As a comfort to owners whose beloved animal friends have crossed ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ (discarding its physical form) I also ‘paint’ their pictures as my tribute to their courage and the love of their owners.

It is with joy that I serve animals and their owners in my own artistic and prayerful way. I call this my ‘box of prayer paintings’. And indeed this ‘box’ is filling up rapidly!


Below some examples of my ‘prayer paintings’

Ocean depths

Ocean depths – Adobe Freehand

Bird in need

Bird Angels

Trees growing

Coco dog

Bones - dog

Tibbles kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2002

Sim kitty

Sim – kitty

Chilli woof eye abuse

Mima woof - prayer all four paws hacked off by animal abuser

Duchess woof - Very ill

Puppy dropped from balcony

Fred kitty loved by Pam

Macy kitty - was very ill at the time - now crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Emperor penguins

Tiger Beauty

Keesje Rabbit Crossed Rainbow Bridge 2009

Abandoned seal

Sushi - kitty with 'bionic' leg

Diddles kitty

Diddles – I jump at my own shadow

Queenie - crossed Rainbow Bridge

Bibi - kitty crossed Rainbow Bridge

Bibi – kitty crossed Rainbow Bridge

Cam - feral kitty

Dog used as bait dog

Adonis – used as bait dog for pitbull dog fighting

Dog - Boesman crossing The Rainbow Bridge

Galga -Spain - Kicked In Mouth 2nd Op

Galga -Spain – Kicked In Mouth 2nd Op

Kitty - Scotland - Burnt

Pepper RiP - Lithuania - woof thrown from bridge

Pepper RiP – Lithuania – woof thrown from bridge

Injured Sea Lion

Sergio and Grace

Sergio and Grace

Zeke bait dog healing

Garden Diva

Garden Diva – Adobe Freehand