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Pote is missing

‘Pote’ went Missing

My message to owner: 24/05/2010 01:47pm

Dearest Lielie,

Pote is alive. And he is anxiously calling you. He is not too far from your home. I’m battling to get a ‘fix’ on his location. He is not able to clearly describe his surroundings – he is too scared. I will work with him to calm him – so I can ‘see’ through his eyes. Have faith – he is alive!

Message from owner 24 -05-2010 02:08pm

My dear Eureka,

Thank you for the message you just send me! A lady has also just phoned me to say that she thinks they may have Pote, he is very shaky (scared?) and very much disorientated. And you won’t believe it – just as you said, it is not far from my home! I think somebody stole him (because there is a hole underneath the devil’s fork fence, but it is made from the outside) and he most probably escaped. This lady’s husband saw how a car nearly knocked him over, so he picked him up and took him home. She said he is in a bit of a bad state, but okay.

I am going to pick him up after 6 tonight, as that is the time this lady gets home from work. Because of your message, I am now very certain that it is Pote and not another stray dog!

Thank you again and lots of love and a BIG, BIG hug from me (and Pote!)


SMS from Owner – 24-05-2010 19:48

Dear Eureka, thanks, Pote is safe n sleeping on my lap! Will email u 2morrow. Luv u lots. Slp well. Lielie

‘Vusi’ won’t stop fighting!

I live in a townhouse complex in Cape Town. One day I received a notice in my postbox informing me that my cat, ‘Vusi’ was attacking a neighbour’s cat. This neighbour kindly attached two vet bills for $60 each! A visit to the neighbour confirmed that it was ‘Vusi’ – she was quite upset. I told her I would contact an animal communicator to see if anything could be done.

I asked Eureka if it was really my kitty doing the attacking. She immediately replied, ‘Yes’.

Eureka advised that I buy a bunch of cat collars: change and wash Vusi’s cat collars on a daily basis. As I was too ill to go shopping for more collars, I rotated the two collars I had.  But on the third day I let him wear day one’s collar, not yet washed.  Well this is what happened. On day one and two: no fighting – a changed cat. On day three he was back in the boxing ring. His old unwashed collar obviously told him: ‘business as usual’. And believe me – it was boxing match followed by boxing match – the whole night long – and I could not catch him! I just saw vet bills piling up…. Now Vusi has ten different collars – each day he’s a new cat! Thank you Eureka, from Retha

Eureka’s comment:

Vusi is a roamer and a fighter. His extreme territorial behaviour is modified by the ‘strange’ cat collar. Changing to a washed ‘new’ collar on a daily basis breaks the ‘territorial’ attitude. Not the best fix, but it works for Vusi. The only alternative is to keep him inside 24/7, which would break his heart and his spirit. He still ‘boxes’ now and again, but nothing like before.

Hantie’s daughter

My daughter had been ill for months, losing massive amounts of weight. Many hospital visits and tests could not pinpoint what was wrong with her. By the time I called Eureka for help my daughter was bedridden and weighed only 37kg. We were sure she was dying.

It was late at night when Eureka came out to see her, having driven quite a distance. After working with my daughter for an hour, she informed her and her husband that the problem is within her lungs, and that chest x-rays must be taken immediately. Eureka also reassured the family.. The x-rays were taken, and TB was diagnosed. My daughter went onto the medical treatment program for TB and recovered completely. I will always be grateful to Eureka, for without her help I am positive my daughter would have died.

Eureka’s comment:

As an energy healer I do not ‘diagnose’ illnesses, leaving that to the orthodox medical profession. However, using High Sense Perception the damage to the lungs was clearly visible to me, as was the emotional conundrum of the patient. During the healing session I concentrated on the emotional issues, bringing comfort and a sense of peace and acceptance.

Mr L. falls from his roof

Mr L, lives 1600km away from me. He injured himself quite badly in a fall from the roof, with massive tissue damage to his thigh and in severe pain. When I spoke to him, I asked him if it would be okay for Eureka to work on him. He gave his consent..  He confirmed the next day that he slept peacefully and without any pain.

Eureka’s comment:

I did distance healing work on Mr L. during the night.